Food and Drinks Menu at 23 Restaurant & Club PHUKET

1st of January BRUNCH
11am - 4pm

Bakery & Pastry at your Table
Morning baked A
pyramid of fresh Bakery, croissants and Danish, muffin and toast,
French toast, freshly made pan cakes or waffles with your choice of preserves strawberry, maple syrup, pumpkin cinnamon jam, orange marmalade and local honey.

Cereal and Muesli section: Corn flakes, Frostiest, Weetabix or house Muesli mix

From the farm: beef, chicken and pork sausage or pork Bacon
Smoked Salmon on toast Cream Cheese, Capers, Onions, lemon and Rocket salad leafs

Farmer choice on the carte
Full English breakfast
Two eggs any style, beef Bacon, Baked Beans, sausage, mushrooms, hash brown potato, grilled Tomatoes & fried toast

Vegetarian Breakfast Two eggs fried or scrambled, hash Browns, baked beans, Sautéed Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato & wilted Spinach
Oeuf Bendicte Poached eggs, smoked Ham on English muffin and warm Hollandaise sauce
2 egg any style poached, hard or soft boiled, fried or scrambled eggs served with toast
Eggs white omelets only served with roasted potato, spinach & tomatoes
Eggs Florentine poached eggs, ham, spinach, English muffin and warm mornay sauce
If you have any food allergies or food intolerance, please inform our service staff

Thai Influence
Asian rice porridge with mince pork, preserved egg and ginger
Phad Si Ewe moo: Flat rice noodles with pork, kale and mushrooms
Kai tie Moo sap Thai style Omelets with mince pork

Choice of additional dish
Sautéed Mushroom, grilled tomato, Hash brown potato, Pork Bacon, Ham, Beef or pork sausage